Picking Peaches and Plums at Fishkill Farms

I love nothing more than sweet, tart, wonderful stone fruit. That’s right, it’s the season for peaches, plums, and nectarines – the glory of mid summer. So one lovely Saturday afternoon, I headed out with my housemates Shelly and Terri and Shelly’s dog, Pacey to Fishkill Farms to pick our own fruit!

Fishkill farms not only had a great selection of pick your own fruit available, they also had a great little market with their vegetable crops for sale (as well as a few other local gems like Coach Farm Goat Cheese – where Terri works).

I fell in love with this great big, beautiful bunch of bok choy. Seriously, I had to be pulled away and reminded that there was fruit to be picked!

We were a little shocked by the orchards, which were a little…unkempt. Shelly’s poor little puppy was almost lost in the tall grass, and we had to hike our way through to find the best fruit.

The nectarines were huge, and quite flavorful, though they were still a bit hard. We picked some anyway, knowing that their flavor would only improve!

The peaches were as hard as apples, but were still incredibly peachy in flavor. I had major jam plans, so I grabbed the softest ones I could find.

Fishkill Farms is pretty expansive. It has the little market, a small cafe, and lots of room for a group of girls to play tag.

They were totally hyper off of too much stone fruit! Oh, wait. No such thing.

Pacey eyed the tag, but was pretty exhausted in the early August heat. He sought refuge in the shade of a blueberry bush.

The blueberries were perfect – sweet and a little tart. The only problem was they were quite picked over. We mostly ate the berries right off the bush, and didn’t bother taking any with us.

After we’d had our fill of blueberries, we found our way to the blackberry bushes. Unfortunately, they looked more like raspberries. We were too late for the blueberries, too early for the blackberries! We still found a few amongst its unripe cousins – they were wonderful.

Ok, ok, so it may seem like our trip was relatively unsuccessful – hard peaches, no bluberries, unripe blackberries…but we had a blast eating our way through the bushes and orchards. Check for jam recipes at The Apartment Kitchen.

What happens to peaches behind closed doors? All things delicious...

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